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Week 11, 15 March 2008 - SAANR and Jahra Farm

I was out today with Brian Foster and we had Rick Saval join us with his nephew Kevin from the US. The dry winter is going to result in a hot dusty summer and today was one of those days in terms of haze. Images by Mike Pope

We headed straight to SAANR and searched the Wadi for Red tailed Wheatear for one of the visiting Austrian groups, which we found

Searching for Wheatear

We have had a very poor show of spring flowers due to lack of rain in the winter. The iris's have come and gone and these are the only other flowers still on show, here and there



This is a parasitic plant called the Broomrape that feeds off salt bushes


On route to Tuhla we came across a very dark Steppe Eagle and then later a few pale phase birds

Steppe Eagle

Steppe Eagle

Steppe Eagle

At Tuhla the birds were pretty much the same as last weekend, with a few additions. We had two Black eared Wheatears around the pool today

Black eared Wheatear

Black eared Wheatear

Corn Buntings were still present

Corn Bunting

As were Hoopoes


Shrikes were represented by Isabbelline

Isabelline Shrike

and Woodchat

Masked Shrike

A different variant of Yellow Wagtail

Yellow Wagtail

Two Black Redstarts has now made an appearance, this is ssp gibraltarensis

Black Redstart

The second ssp phoenicuroides was really obliging and got so close I had to step back to focus

Black Redstart

My favourite Common Redstart ssp samamisicus showed well again today

Common Redstart

Two new spring birds for us were, Lesser Whitethroat

Lesser Whitethroat

and Menetries Warbler foraging on the ground

Menetries Warbler

We then headed to Jahra Farm to check for the late Indian Roller Pekka found on 1 March, without luck. This is the ever friendly Ali who runs the farm


Overhead we had Pallid Swifts, Sand Martins, Barn Swallows and a few Red rumped Swallows

Red rumped Swallow


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