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Week 12, 21 and 22 March 2008 - JEO, Abdably, SAANR and Al Abraq

We have 3 visiting groups in Kuwait at present. This weekend, Pekka and Rick Saval were out with the Finnish group made up of Jouko Lunden, Rauli Lumio & Jukka Nurmi. Images by Pekka Fagel

Their patience at Jahra East Outfall was rewared with an obliging Baillon's Crake

Baillons Crake

Baillons Crake

Babblers and Red wattled Lapwing were found at Abdaly, as well as a bonus in the form of Egyptian Nightjar

Egyptian Nightjar

The Nightjar may have been disturbed by the birders, but Pekka was fortunate enough to photograph the Nightar walking along the ground, with eyes wide open looking for a roosting spot

Egyptian Nightjar

Pale Rock Sparrows have been seen at a few sites in the past few weeks and now also in SAANR

Pale Rock Sparrows

A morning out at Al Abraq in the west produced some Warblers, Buntings, Semi collared Flycatchers and a Booted Eagle

Booted Eagle

Blue cheeked Bee-eaters are presently being seen and heard at most sites

Blue cheeked Bee-eater


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