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Week 12, 22 March 2008 - JEO, Sharq Harbour

Whilst my family did some shopping in Sharq mall, I checked out the Gulls in the harbour. Images by Mike Pope

The Black headed Gulls are now all in breeding plumage and should be departing from Kuwait in the next couple of weeks

Black headed Gull

Black headed Gull

I didnt find any Slender billed Gulls in breeding plumage

Slender billed Gull

These two gulls dropped their fish during an in-flight squabble

Fish fight

There were numerous larger gulls present of various ages, which Abdulrahman has confirmed are adult and 1st winter Lesser Black-backed Gulls (ssp heuglini)





Yellow Wagtails have arrived in numbers, this good looking bird is ssp Beema

Yellow Wagtail


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