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Week 13, 25 and 26 March 2008 - Jahra East Outfall and Pivot Fields

Pekka had the opportunity to visit Jahra East Outfall and the Pivot Fields with the visiting Finnish Birders. Images by Pekka Fagel

Patience and good light is needed in the SE corner of the reeds at Jahra East Outfall to capture the migrating Crakes. This is a great image of Spotted Crake

Spotted Crake

Water Rail was seen in the same location

Water Rail

He was rewareded with a small flock of Caspian Plovers in full breeding regalia

Caspian Plover

A fantastic image of a Collared Pratincole cooling off in an irrigation ditch

Collared Pratincole

This large brown Eagle, has not yet been positively identified




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