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Week 10 - 04 March 2009, Sharq Harbour, Abdaly and Jahra Farm

I decided to try and twitch the Asian Koel at Abdaly, but after 2-hours had no luck and the bird has not been seen since a few days before my visit. Images by Mike Pope

On route to Abdaly, I stopped at Sharq Harbour to check out the gulls, the Black headed Gulls looked far better in their breeding plumage in the crisp light

Black headed Gull

The smaller gulls were outnumbered by the many larger gulls, this one being a Steppe Gull (Larus barabensis)

Caspian Gull

I did not take a single picture at Abdaly, on the way back home I stopped off at Jahra Farm where I found this Grey Wagtail feeding along one of the canals

Grey Wagtail

Searching the skies, I saw a group of 9 Red rumped Swallows pass quickly overhead in silence

Red rumped Swallow

Green Toads are known to breed in and around Jahra Farms, I was fortunate enough to find 2 in the main pond where I had been birding. I think this may be a female

Green Toad

with a calling male

Green Toad


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