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Week 14 - 01 April 2009, Green Island

I hadnt been to Green Island for sometime, so decided to have a stroll around the walkways to see which migrants were around. Images by Mike Pope

One of the very many Lesser Whitethroats seen this morning

Lesser Whitethroat

Inside the main entrance I found flowering Bottlebrush bushes that were literally alive with birds feeding off the flowers as well as on emerging insects following the good rains. Among the variety seen, Blackcaps were quite prevalent


With the odd Menetries Warbler thrown into the mix

Menetries Warbler

An Isabelline Shrike was also taking advantage of the termite eruption

Isabelline Shrike

Green Island is still the most reliable site for Red vented Bulbul, seen feeding on termites before they get airborne

Red vented Bulbul

I found 1 male and 2 female Semi collared Flycatchers

Female Semi collared Flycatcher

as well as a Wryneck feeding on ants emerging from their hole


Collared Doves are distinguished from the much rarer African Collared Doves by their grey vent

Collared Dove

I then moved onto to Sharq Harbour where I flushed this Common Sandpiper from the waters edge

Common Sandpiper

An adult non breeding Socotra Cormorant was seen hunting for its lunch, this is a good record this far north Zour Port where they are more regularly seen.

Socotra Cormorant

Little Terns have now returned to the coastal waters

Little Tern

Little Tern


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