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Week 15 - 07 April 2009, Pivot Fiels, Sulaibikhat and Jahra Farms

We have 3 groups of visiting birders from England, Austria and Switzerland this week and to date they have had a great time, notching up many of the western palearctic specials. I caught up with 2 of the groups at Sulaibikhat and changed back to my 400mm lens for more portability. Images by Mike Pope

I had a quick hour at Pivot Fields where I found this Stonechat amongst a few Winchats. Interestingly this male had a few parasites on its head


One of the few Long legged Buzzards I have seen this spring

Long legged Buzzard

The Austrians were at Sulaibikhat Reserve where we were fortunate to see a Black Stork glide in and land at the waters edge, before being flushed 5-minutes later by a military helicopter passing by

Black Stork

Black Stork

Pallid Swifts were seen feeding above

Pallid Swift

The English group were at the outfall where we saw the first Whiskered Terns of the spring

Whiskered Tern

The two groups headed to Doha Spur and I checked out JEO (which had no birds whatsoever). So, I headed to Jahra Farms. A Spotted Crake was trying a Pitta impersonation in the leaf litter

Spotted Crake

Many Bank Myna's were present during my brief visit

Bank Myna

This female House Sparrow was unusually rufous, it almost looked like a different bird - no idea why it have such a rufous tinge?

House Sparrow


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