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Week 15 - 09 April 2009, SAANR

I met Pekka Fagel with the Austrian and Swiss groups for a morning in SAANR. Images by Mike Pope

I got to the reserve a little before the rest and headed north to check for birds in the desert scrub. I found a distant Hobby roosting on the desert that was flushed by a migrating Shikra


At Tuhla, the number of White throated Robins had notably increased

White throated Robin

I found a Nightingale sitting very quietly deep in a thicket on the small island at the pool


Pekka managed to find 3 Scops Owls in the same small tree. This image shows just how cryptic these birds are, despite being right in front of you

Scops Owl

A better view of the rufous tinged Scops Owl

Scops Owl

I found this oddly coloured Pipit drinking from some surface water. We believe it is a 2 to 3 year old Red throated Pipit which appears to lose its breast streaking as it matures

Red throated Pipit


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