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The sad news of the death of Mindy Baha El Din

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My dear wife Mindy passed away on the 18th of March after suffering a brain stroke. For me Mindy was more than a wife, she was my partner, friend and buddy; sharing with me the interest and passion for nature and conservation. She was my greatest fan, as I always called her. Always encouraging and driving me forward.

Mindy was in love with Egypt the deserts, the seas, the birds, and the people. Throughout her life in Egypt she has invested her time in encouraging others and helping young conservationists and nature lovers to get ahead and find opportunities. She was a dynamo and a source of energy that electrified those around her and drove them to take action. Never relenting to a "no" or "impossible" she would find ways around all obstacles with steal determination. I always joked with her that she had a PhD in Egyptian management! She could see through chaos and resolve any complex situation that ten men would be paralysed at, like a knife through butter. Her total honesty and selflessness sometimes ruffled feathers. But there were no BS with Mindy, what you hear from her is the plain truth even if its painful or insulting at times.

Mindy certainly gave a lot and perhaps did not get sufficient acknowledgement, but she never awaited or seeked recognition because she was always busy advocating a cause or developing a project or assisting some one to secure an opportunity.

While I am sad certainly for my personal loss and the pain our two daughters will face, I am in a way equally sad that Egypt lost its greatest fan and nature lost one of its most avid defenders. But her legacy lives in the many many people in far flung parts of Egypt and Middle East that have been affected by Mindy's generosity, encouragement and nourishment. I am sure that Mindy would agree that the best way to commemorate her is to continue her mission with added vigour and determination. Mindy's funeral (ырга) will take place on Thursday, 21st of March 2013 at the Hamdeyya Shazleyya Mosque, located off of Gameat El Dowwal El Arabeyya street in Mohandeseen, Cairo, Egypt between 6:30PM and 9:30PM.

Please also send condolences to Mindy's parents in the USA Gloria and Lyle Rosenzweig
Lyler26 at comcast dot net

Sherif Baha El Din, PhD


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