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Birdquest visit to Bahrain 10-11-07

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Some of the birders with Birdquest who visited the Saar roost today, although 12 Hypocolius were seen by the group close in flight the birds only settled in distant trees briefly to give scoping views before heading away to the southwest and what is assumed another roost.

some of the birds
grey hypocolius
some of the rubbish that is fast invading the site



Not great but a dramatic improvement

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Today 17 Hypocolius observed at Saar most staying within the roost. The rubbish pile continues to grow at the site - its only a matter of time now before the whole site is lost.



Oh dear

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A disastrous start to the season at the old Saar roost with only three Grey Hypocolius being seen to date at the site, we have no doubts that the seasonal and daily arrivals of the birds continues somewhere on the Island our problem is we can’t find them. I have check several locations without success at the BDF wadi the fruit on the thorn thickets has yet to ripen and a visit there yesterday yielded only one small warbler and a host of sparrows.
sparrows in BDF wadi



28 October 2007

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A solitary Hypocolius the first of the season was observed last night at the Saar Roost despite the integrity of the site continuing to be eroded; rubbish of all kinds from garden waste to building detritus from the surrounding houses and developments continues to be dumped.



2007/2008 season

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The Hypocolius should start their return this coming week - we shall be checking all potential sites including what remains of Saar - once we have our first observations we shall update the posts and email the networks. Look forward to posting good news in the next few days.

Howard King



End of Season

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Visits to the Saar Roost this week indicated that the season for Hypocolius is all but over - only a single rather nervous male was present this week. So it seems that the end of March most probablly represents the terminal date for wintering Hypocolius in Bahrain



Secondary Roost

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The long established roost at Saar has this season developed into a secondary site although birds still use it in much smaller numbers than previous seasons. A large high walled garden about a 1 km to the south seems now to be the favoured evening roost for birds in the northern part of Bahrain. So far, other than watching the birds drop in from beyond the wall, no observation on numbers or the nature of the roost has been possible.

Birds also continue to be also observed in the morning at the BDF wadi (see map below) from 6.30 am with a few hanging around at this location throughout the day.




2 more ringed - one recovered

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Only a small number of birds were seen today at the roost (26)- but others were seen dropping into a large walled garden 1 km south of the current roost. If this is the site of an other roost there is little chance of unrestricted access as this garden belongs to a VIP who (including his properties) is surrounded by high security.
The maximum numbers seen on any single day this week was 46


Grey Hypocolius
At The roost

A good days birding finished of with 2 more Hypocolius ringed at the roost plus one recapture.
The whole crew left to right
Fiona Reid visiting from Tanzania, Brendan, Bill Jones a visitor from UK, Jahani, Adrian

The palm thickets favoured as roosting trees by this species.

The fast disappearing site



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40 birds were all that is left at the Roost today - many more birds are scattered throughout Bahrain -as we have seen flocks of over 150 on a regular basis


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