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It was a good day for photos today. Whilst I was out shooting terns, I saw a blur in the corner of my eye and followed it with the camera. It was a crested lark and below are two shots I manged to get. In the same area, the fishing port of Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. I took the picture of the white-cheeked tern and the socotra cormorant.


English (UK)   Some more observations from yesterday 27 Jul 2006  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 07:31:06 am

Once again I went to my favourite beach "Crab Beach". I'd gone early in the morning to try to make use of the low light. Unfortunately in the morning the light comes from the seaward side which meant I had to get between the sea and the birds. Here's a couple of my better pictures.

First up is a juvenile white-cheeked tern.

A more mature white-cheeked tern.

A juvenile gull-billed tern.

English (UK)   Out and about today 26 July 2006  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 07:21:53 am

This afternoon I went down to the beach, which is about a mile from my house. The beach is literally covered in crabs and for that reason I named it "Crab Beach". So it was very apt that I saw my first crab plover there today. Unfortunately I could not get near it and a car passing behind me frightened it and about a dozen bar-tailed godwits away. I did manage to get some decent pictures of a juvenile bar-tailed godwit, eurasian curlew and terek sandpiper.


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We managed to get a few decent pictures today, except for the bar-tailed godwits. Unfortunately the light was very bad and they did not come out as good as I thought they might. The flamingos were about in their hundreds and the picture is just a small portion. Both the godwits and flamingos were near to Dammam Port in Saudi Arabia.

Later in the day we went down to the fishing port area of Al-Khobar and got these shots of a white-cheeked and lesser crested tern.


English (UK)   Today's outing 13th July 2006  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 07:12:22 pm

We managed to get a few decent pictures today, although there's not a lot of variety around. The Eurasian curlew was spotted as we were on our way to breakfast, the redshank we saw later in the afternoon at the same location and the white-cheeked tern was spotted around mid-day further south. All were seen in the vacinity of Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.


English (UK)   Hawks in Saudi Arabia  -  Categories: Photographs  -  @ 12:36:47 pm

We had a visit from the RAF aerobatic team, The Red Arrows, in June. Considering how windy it was that day, they put up a pretty good display. Here are a few pictures from the event.

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Well Howard has thrown me in the deep end so here goes.

Nothing much to report on my side of the causeway (Saudi Arabia). There are plenty of terns around at the moment and last Friday I spotted a couple of curlews and what I think was a bar-tailed godwit. My wife and I took a trip up toward the Dammam docks to a spot we have not looked at in ages. Just off shore were hundreds of greater flamingos.

Below is one of the many white-cheeked terns that are around at the moment.>

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