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There has been a great increase in miratory birds this week. Some of the sightings are bee-eaters, blue rock thrush, swallows, caspian terns, slender billed gulls, hoopoes, spotted flycatchers, yellow wagtails etc.

Below is a small selection of this weeks photographed birds.

This was taken in the gloom of early evening.

I like the way the wind has blown this hoopoe's crest the wrong way.

This caspian tern stands tall among the lesser crested variety.

A young woodchat shrike. It looks as if it has not fully molted yet.

Unidentified young gull, just about to take off.

The same gull in flight.


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This spotted flycatcher stayed in my back garden for most of yesterday afternoon. I managed to get one picture of him through the kitchen window but I think I disturbed him and he flew off. We also had a rufous bush robin but I was not as lucky with him.

The crab plovers pictured below were down at my usual beach location a couple of days ago. This picture shows the difference in plumage between the juveniles and adult birds.


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Yesterday afternoon I went down to the beach area of Al Khobar, about a mile from my house. There were lots of waders still around as well as a family of crab plovers. Best of all were some early migratory birds pictured below.

First of all is a steppe grey shrike. We had one stay several months last year, I'd like to think this is the same bird.

A pied wheatear.

and last but not least, a northern wheatear.


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There are lots of waders around my usual sites this week. I managed to photograph this marsh sandpiper.

These juvenile redshanks:-

Amongst the other birds I managed to get some good shots of, are the socotra cormorant and greater flamingo below.

Last is my favourite of the weekend, a slender-billed gull looking back.


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I had a quick trip to the beach this afternoon. It was just before dusk and the tide was too far out for decent observations and pictures. I did manage to get the following shots of a crab plover that had just devoured a crab, a gull-billed tern and a dunlin. These were all taken today 18th Sep 06 on the northern side of Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.


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We arrived back in Saudi on Thursday night and on Friday went over to Bahrain for the day. After being dragged round the shops, I got an opportunity to check out an oasis near to Riffa. The migratory birds had started to return and we saw an isabelline shrike, woodchat shrike, yellow wagtail, woodcock/snipe (?) and northern wheatear.

Isabelline shrike

Moorhen chick

Northern wheatear

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