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I took advantage of the weather again and went to Pennington Flash. Here's a couple of evening pictures with interesting effects.

Young robin

Blue tit in the evening. I like the rim lighting on this one.


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The weather picked up a couple of days ago and I managed to get to Pennington Flash to see what was about. The following were taken there.

Young chaffinch

Northern lapwing

Common terns looking for directions

A cheeky grey squirrel stealing from the feeding hide

This one was in my back garden and I like the effect of the tail caused by a slow shutter speed


English (UK)   Last visit to Badaan  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 07:21:29 pm

I'm off to the UK for 6 weeks so yesterday and today was my last chance to visit Badaan. There's a lot more activity as the migration has started. There was about 30 turnstones in one of the fields and a couple of young collared pratincoles. I also spotted an isabelline wheatear and yellow wagtail. Brendan netted a masked shrike, which was a surprise.

Indian silver bills

Collared pratincole

Isabelline wheatear

I just had to include this graceful prinia.


English (UK)   Discussion forum  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 10:39:45 am

I've just set up a small forum and if anyone wishes to discuss any of my pictures, feel free to register.

Here's the link http://uncleaj.myfastforum.org

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