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Well I'm back in Saudi Arabia and ventured out this morning. In the reed beds near to my home it was dead. Usually there's a few black-winged stilts or graceful prinias around but this morning, nothing. I then went to the shore where I spotted two juv red-backed shrikes. This was the best picture I got.

There has been a suggestion that this is a juv isabelline shrike. If anyone has any comments on the ID, I have a forum where comments can be left. I've made it open so there's no need to register to post replies etc. The link is below.


The bird has been positively identified as a juvenile isabelline shrike.


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I met up with a friend from Bird Forum today at Pennington Flash. Here's a couple of pictures from our outing.

Nuthatches are a mega rare bird for Pennington Flash and I was happy to get this shot of one.

Everyone loves a robin and this is a little beauty.


English (UK)   Some more pictures from England  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 08:29:02 pm

Here's a few more assorted pictures from my outings whilst at home.

A northern lapwing blending nicely into the background.

Male bullfinch

Female bullfinchs, the last in the evening light.

Hover fly pretending to be a bee

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