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Yesterday I did a quick trip to the airport in Dammam to see if I could spot a pied kingfisher a friend had told me about. This was my third attempt and as they say, it was third time lucky. Although I could not get very close to the bird, at least I got a picture.

After the kingfisher, I didn't stay long and only took these following pictures of an isabelline wheatear and a laughing/palm dove.


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This will be my last report before Christmas so let me wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The following images are from Badaan Farm, yesterday 21st December 2007.

This female stonechat was very obliging, she perched next to my 4X4 and allowed me to take a good series of shots. These are just two of them.

There were lots of skylarks in the field but usually they disappear when they land. This one stayed in a wheel track so I was able to get a shot.

I'd packed up and was ready to leave when this southern / steppes grey shrike landed at the side of me. I hastily unpacked and managed to get a few shots before he flew off.

That's it for now, see you after Christmas.
And a Happy Christmas to you - you old buzzard from me too - cold and wet here by the way -

It's turned cold here today, yesterday it was 22 deg C and today it dropped to 10. Not very cold by UK standards but a bit of a shock to the system.


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Yes they have all gone home and left me to hold the fort over Christmas........again.

This week I've had a few days off so have managed to get out and about a bit more. Here are some pictures from my outings, the first three are from a floodplain in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia the remainder are from Badaan Farm, Bahrain.

Kentish plover

Little stint

Mostly black-headed gulls


White wagtail

Purple heron

This single sunflower was in the middle of one of the fields. I've used "Layer Masking" to bring out the yellow of the flower.


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I stayed in Bahrain on Thursday and Friday so had two trips to Badaan Farm. Here's some of the pictures I got, not photographed were 3 northern lapwings which stayed too far away.

A pallid harrier which was frightening the lapwings.

Graceful Prinia because Howard loves them. (Private joke, sorry)

A bird we tend to dismiss the lowly sparrow.

Water pipit in it's ideal environment.

Turnstone turning seaweed.



For Howard, a Houbara bustard has just walked across the runway where I work in Dhahran.
(yea yea dressed in a thobe I suppose and wearing a Father Christmas Hat)
Kev Haigh saw it as well so it's confirmed, doubting Thomas that you are.

Me carrying out my seasonal duties.
OK but which one is you??

Very funny.............Ho-Ho-Ho!


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It was a bit quiet on Friday afternoon on Badaan Farm. I think Howard and Brendan had scared most of the birds away with their ringing during the morning. That's who I'm blaming anyway.(just kidding guys)

Below is a collection of what I did manage.

The other kind of goose - mongoose

The other week I had a short-eared owl peeping at me through the foliage, this week it's a graceful prinia

This purple heron had just caught a small fish as I snapped him.

The brown sides of the ditch have made the green sandpiper look more brown than it should.

I think the mynahs are getting used to me now as I managed to get quite close to this one.

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