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Our weather has not been very good for photography of late. On Friday I managed to get out and take a few pictures.

This red-vented bulbul was spotted on the way to Badaan Farm


The above clamorous warbler was very visible in the reed beds and allowed to get very close.

At first I had problems identifying this water pipit due to the light and the puffed up appearance of the bird.

I was trying to get flight pictures of swallows and martins when these cattle egrets came over. These are much easier to capture.

This young mongoose was fearless and walked in front of me without batting an eyelid.

As I was arriving home from work yesterday, my wife pointed out a couple of parakeets feeding on sunflower seeds in next door's garden. I had a point and shoot camera in the car and got a couple of shots with that. When I got into the house I decided to go back out and try another shot with the right equipment. All the time I was getting my camera ready, I kept thinking "They will be gone when I get back". Anyway I got into the car and reversed into position, got one shot off and they flew. Never mind there will be more chances I'm sure.


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Well yesterday was fine and bright but a bit cold on Badaan Farm. In the morning it never got above 6 deg C. The following were taken on Thursday.

Red-throated pipit

Water pipit

Resident crested lark

I think this purple heron has taken up residency as he's been around for a few months

I spotted this black-crowned night-heron late in the afternoon. He can only perch on one leg as the other is injured

On Friday it was wet, cold and miserable. I only managed to get this water pipit and a ringed plover.

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