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On Friday, I had to fly up to Tabuk in the Northwest corner of Saudi Arabia, close to the border with Jordan. I'd worked up there from May 2000 until October 2002. During my time there, one bird that I liked to see was the spur-winged plover but I'd never had a picture. When I found out I had to go back for two days, I decided to pack my camera and a lens in the hope of seeing some again. Well I found some and managed to get the images below. I'm not quite sure what the display is, whether it's an aggressive display or courtship. I'm sure there are breeding birds in the area because a workmate of mine was with me and we witnessed two lapwings attacking and chasing a kestrel. When we reached Jeddah on the way back, we saw a bird that looked as if it was sitting on eggs on the area between the runway and the taxiway.


English (UK)   Badaan on a Thursday  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 07:33:14 pm

I went to Badaan farm this afternoon. One thing about Badaan is it usually never disapoints. Today was no exception.

Yellow wagtail


Spotted flycatcher


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Yesterday afternoon I did a quick trip down to the seafront to see what was around. Before going I diverted to the reed beds and saw a nice looking laughing dove.

Laughing dove

Yellow wagtail on one of the grassed areas.

Near to the beach is a pile of rubbish collected from the beach. It stinks a bit but attracts the flies, which in turn attract swallows. There were literally hundreds flying around the bump. The two pictures are the same bird but taken with different equipment. The first is with a Nikon D300 and Nikon 300mm 2.8VR, fitted with a Nikon x1.4 tele converter.

This one is with a Nikon D2Xs and Tamron 200-500 zoom.

This whinchat was hanging onto the bush, trying not to get blown away.

I went back to where the swallows where today and managed to get this flight shot.


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I stayed in Bahrain Wednesday and Thursday night on what turned out to be a great couple of days. Today was marred by a sandstorm so I'll leave those pictures until later in the week. The following are just a few of the hundreds of pictures I got from Badaan Farm.

There are hundreds of ortolan buntings around, this is just one of them

Turtle dove

Collared pratincole

Spotted crake


One of seven lesser kestrels hunting over the field


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Probably everyones favourite bird.

I had some time while my wife was making tea so I decided to have a look in the reed beds near to my home. The bee-eaters were feeding over the reeds and I managed to get around about 41 shots. Here are just 3.

This bird is coughing up a pellet of the insect parts it could not digest.


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Here are two more shots of Friday's spotted flycatcher.


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This weekend (Thursday & Friday) have been very fruitful. I got my first cuckoo shots and several bee-eaters. All these shots were taken in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

European bee-eater

Spotted flycatcher just about to catch a fly

Cuckoo in brown or rufous morph. We spotted two in the same location and a wryneck. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the wryneck.

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