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As I have not been able to get across to Bahrain and my car has just returned from the garage, I decided to do some local birdwatching.

An attempt at a flight shot of a pallid swift. This was at dusk and considering all the factors, I was pleased with the result.

Yesterday afternoon I saw six squacco heron in the reed beds near to my home. This is one of them.

I went back to the same reed beds this morning. No herons but this white-cheeked bulbul landed right beside me.

After breakfast my wife and I went for a drive. As usual I managed to get out to Dammam Airport lake where there where quite a few blue-cheeked bee-eaters

The black-crowned finch larks are back again and I spotted a few newly hatched chicks.
At the same site were two cream-coloured corsers but the pictures are not good enough to put up.


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My passport needs renewing so this will be my last trip to Badaan Farm until I get it renewed.

There were plenty of red-backed shrike around

A few Indian silverbills made an appearance

One or two yellow wagtails are still around

The grey francolin are all over and breeding like mad

Barn swallows cover most of the fields

Isabelline shrike

I was under my bag hide or invisibility cloak when I spotted this rufous-tailed bush robin. There's obviously a nest nearby so I crept away


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Yesterday afternoon I had a quick 90 minute spell at the shoreline. Just inland is a bushed area and I spent a bit of time there looking for what was about. The following are the results.

Howard has id'd this as an Upcher's warbler. Note the tick near to the ear area.

A juvenile isabelline shrike, staying at his post.

The white-cheeked terns are back, looking for suitable nesting areas.


English (UK)   Pratincoles etc.  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 11:57:19 am

There are plenty of Pratincoles around at the moment. Here are a few samples and some othe species.

Collared pratincoles

A lucky kestrel that has escaped his captors

A roller in a decent pose at last. Unfortunately I did not make the most of it.

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