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As I have not been able to get across to Bahrain and my car has just returned from the garage, I decided to do some local birdwatching.

An attempt at a flight shot of a pallid swift. This was at dusk and considering all the factors, I was pleased with the result.

Yesterday afternoon I saw six squacco heron in the reed beds near to my home. This is one of them.

I went back to the same reed beds this morning. No herons but this white-cheeked bulbul landed right beside me.

After breakfast my wife and I went for a drive. As usual I managed to get out to Dammam Airport lake where there where quite a few blue-cheeked bee-eaters

The black-crowned finch larks are back again and I spotted a few newly hatched chicks.
At the same site were two cream-coloured corsers but the pictures are not good enough to put up.


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