English (UK)   Mountain bunting  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 12:48:28 pm

Howard asked if I'd put some pictures of the bird here, well I only got a couple of shots and here they are.

Interestingly a picture of one was taken in The Oman last March. Link http://www.birdguides.com/pictures/default.asp?f=169918

English (UK)   A continuation of the pool pictures  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 10:00:04 am

Not only does the pool attract birds but a few predatory animals as well.


Spanish sparrow

Lesser short-toed lark


English (UK)   A few more from stalking the pool  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 12:06:53 pm

I've been parking up at a little pool and waiting to see what comes along. This has been very productive and here are a few more visitors.


Spotted crake

Male namaqua dove.


English (UK)   A mixed bag  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 08:57:17 am

Here's a mixed bag of pictures mainly from Badaan Farm, although the first one was taken at Dammam International Airport lake.

I think this is a desert darter

Collared pratincole

Barn swallow

Young barn swallow

A new exotic, pin-tailed whydha

Yellow wagtail

Yellow-crowned bishops


Female stonechat

Cutthroat finch (I wonder how it got that name?)

Village indigobird

Red-billed quelea

Male namaqua dove

Little ringed plover with a runny nose

Lesser short-toed lark


English (UK)   Back from rainy England  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 02:11:16 pm

I'm back and glad to be able to get out and about again. Here's a few shots from the last two days.

Marsh harrier at Badaan farm.

Tawny pipit at Badaan.

One of Badaan's many collared pratincole.

A rufous bush robin that Brendan hasn't managed to net.

There are still a few hoopoe larks around Dammam Airport lake.

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