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I spotted this bird on Friday and when I showed the other guys the picture, we could not come to a conclusion as to what it was. After showing it to the experts on Bird Forum, they advised me it's a common rosefinch. I checked Howard's list and Rosefinch is designated V (Vagrant meaning irregular). As Howards still away I can't say how many previous records we have, nevetheless Brendan and his visiting ringers, Declan and Patrick were going all out to try and net it.

A couple of other visitors

The moulting pied wheatear from last week. Now a bit tidier and freshly ringed.

The first male stonechat I've seen this season.

A yellow-crowned bishop starting to moult.


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Howards away on business and the migration is in full swing. Here's a selection of what has been going through.


I think this kestrel was about to attack me.

Another nice kestrel on the lookout for some prey.

Purple heron

Cattle egret

Grey heron

Isabelline wheatear

Pied wheatear in heavy moult

Grey shrike

European roller


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The migration is now in full swing and birds are turning up daily. Here's a small selection of what has been around.

Our Indian roller

One of the many Hoopoe that's been around.

A European bee-eater from yesterday.

Kestrels are turning up in numbers. This being a common kestrel.

Lesser kestrel

Isabelline shrike.

Yellow wagtail

Desert warbler. This was in the same location as the one I saw last year. I'd like to believe it's the same bird.


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Today I managed to get over to Badaan Farm where I spotted an Indian roller. Howard tells me it's only the second record for Bahrain so I'm pretty chuffed.

Indian roller

This turtle dove was in the same field as the roller and I almost ran over it.

A few from last month

Rufous bush robin

Purple heron

Grey francolin

Spotted crake, fluffing up after a bath.

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