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I've had to try out some of our old haunts since Howard got us banned from Badaan Farm (Edit HK - discrimination was to blame)(Edit AJ - a likely story). Yesterday I went to a wadi where there's always a largish pool.

Green sandpiper

Wood sandpiper

Water pipit

The next are archival shots from Badaan Farm

Tawny pipit with a weeks shopping

One of my favourites, Asian mongoose


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Not being able to get into Badaan Farm, I tried my hand at a local spot I'd been told about. It threw up quite a few decent birds.

This one caused a few problems but was eventually identified as a chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita abietinus)

Red-vented bulbuls

Barred warbler

Clamorous reed-warbler

White-cheeked bulbul


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Yesterday I couldn't get in to Badaan Farm (Howard's fault) so instead Howard suggested I go to the nearby chicken farm. It turned out to be a good choice as I managed to get a few bluethroats showing the blue throat. I have other bluethroat pictures but they are either, juveniles, females or not showing the blue.

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