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Last Thursday was very sunny and good for pictures. Here are a few herons and terns taken that day.

Western reef heron

Beating a retreat

Dark and a light morph of western reef herons

Gull-billed tern

Gull-billed tern shaking off excess water


English (UK)   Pallid swifts  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 07:32:41 pm

As there have been a lot of pallid swifts around lately, I thought I'd try my hand at photographing them. These are the better shots.


English (UK)   A rare bird and others  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 09:11:31 am

Yesterday I got my first sighting of a white-tailed lapwing. Picture below.

White-tailed lapwing

Common snipe

Pallid swift

Meadow pipit


English (UK)   First of the new year  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 09:07:41 am

At last I managed to get out again yesterday. The following are some of the birds around.

Young male namaqua dove

Female namaqua dove

Isabelline shrike

Graceful prinia

Female mallard

Female bluethroat

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