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Yesterday I was very lucky and came across a sociable lapwing, pictures below.

Below are other pictures form the outing.

Blue-cheeked bee-eaters



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This Friday was a mixed bag, some of the usual stuff and two different ones.

Isabelline wheatear

Isabelline shrike

European roller

Pin-tailed wydha. I've seen them before but never with the long tail feathers.

Spiny-tailed lizard or dhub


English (UK)   Not too much this week  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 11:36:26 am

Due to a slight mishap, I lost my car in a multi story car park, I did not have too much time out and about. The following are from one and a half hours outing.

This guy's tapping his feet to the music

All the above, black-eared wheatear

Steppe gull (I think)


English (UK)   My weekend 8th and 9th October  -  Categories: Bird Images (posts)  -  @ 12:44:53 pm

I haven't managed to get out much since returning due to work and other commitments. However I did manage two days last week. Here's some of my observations.

Marsh harrier

Ringed plover

Little ringed plover

Lesser grey shrike (First winter)

Spotted flycatcher

Glossy ibis

Common snipe

Isabelline wheatear

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