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Myself and Abdulla went south on Friday afternoon to see if we could find black-crowned finchlarks. Abdulla saw a flock south of the tree of life last year. We didn't see any finchlarks but the desert is in fantastic shape in this area as there is no grazing here. I haven't identified the plants or insects yet but wanted to share them with you. Many of the plants are tiny but beautiful.

Landscape shot of area after the winter rains


Butterfly or Moth larvae were everywhere
Not sure of the species


This is Calligonum polygonoides a member of the Buckwheat Family. There is no english name listed but the arabic name is 'Abal'.
This specimen is half a meter tall. The red fruits are edible.

Below is the 'Arabian Primrose' Arnebis hispidissima Normally flowers March - May after rain

I think this is Moltkiopsis ciliata or Lithospermum callosum a member of the Forget-me-not Family.

This is the same species as above

Below is the parasitic 'Desert Tulip or Desert Hyacinth' found from December - February

I used 'The wild flowering plants of Bahrain' by MD and CD Cornes to identify these.
Published in 1989 it is based on our local flora and is indispensable.


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I popped down to the chicken farm this afternoon to check out the water pipit roost. Abdulla came across this eagle standing on a gate post. We got to within 15 meters from it. This is a first for me for Bahrain. Eagles are rare here as the island is small and thermals are hard to find.

Spotted Eagle

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