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Over the Eid holiday I went around Tubli Bay looking for possible wader ringing sites. The high tide pushed birds into all sorts of places. The Flamingos have returned form their breeding grounds in Iran. Over 2,000 birds were counted at the southern outflow from the bay. The main wader roost is along the remaining open ground on the northern shore next to the road. There were over 5,000 birds here at high tide. This amounted to approximately 80% of all waders counted.

View of northern shore of Tubli Bay looking west towards sewage outfall.

Closer view of mixed flock.


The flamingos have returned for the winter.

I've always loved game birds! Grey Francolins breed everywhere in Bahrain.


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Little Stint


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I popped out yesterday afternoon as the Eid tide was very high and most of the mudflats were innundated. This forced birds into dense concentrations on the few available roost sites. The number of birds at the Tubli bay sewage outfall was disappointing as there was no dry ground left. However I was treated with three Red-necked Phalaropes which were enjoying the sludge being pushed in with the tide.

The three Red-necked Phalaropes

A closer view. This is a new species for me in Bahrain!


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I didn't get much chance to take photographs while at home. However I couldn't resist this pigeon which is breeding in the garden

Adult Wood Pigeon

And this juvenile Sparrowhawk

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