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I got out for a few hours yesterday morning before it got too hot. The most interesting bird was a long-legged Buzzard at Ali Farm. It climbed to several hundred meters and then headed due north at 9am.

This was the closest I could get

Typical long-legged buzzard wing pattern from below

This kestrel was also at Ali Farm. Given the severe wear on the wings and tail feathers and the scratch on the right tarsus, I wonder if this individual escaped from captivity?

Western Reef Heron


English (IE)   June shots  -  Categories: Bahrain obs by BK  -  @ 11:53:26 pm

Things are very quiet now with most migrants gone and only a handfull still around. These shots were taken over the past few weeks.

Little and large - Great white egret still at Buhair marsh

Taken in mid-June at Refinery pond

Little tern chick ringed at Buhair east

White-cheeked tern at new colony at Diyar al Muharraq

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