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It can be diffciult to manage ringing, showing visitors around and photography all at the same time so it is a while since I took any reasonable photographs. Last weekend I made a concerted effort to get a few shots as I spread myself between the chicken farm, the hypocolius roost and various other sites. It is nice to just watch, enjoy and photograph birds sometimes.

This starling was on his own and obviously feeling the heat. I thought it was quite chilly!


Juvenile Lapwing in fine fettle

There must be some tasty morsel to be had.

All the bee-eaters passing through at the moment seem to be blue-cheeked

Cattle Egret


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Yesterday morning was particularly hot despite a gentle breeze. I still did a quick round of the chicken farm, and the refinery wadhi before the heat got the better of me. There is a lot of construction work taking place at the chicken farm as new animal pens are being erected. There was a large quantity of chicken house waste on the dump and birds love this! 33 cattle egrets, 25 turnstones, 6 hoopoes, 2 ringed plovers, a common sandpiper and 12 yellow wagtails plus numerous crested larks. I don't know what exactly is in the waste and it was too fresh and sticky to go poking in it! May be another day.

I've seen this osprey many times before. It lives on the main island near the refinery.
I have photographed it in Buhair east and west and now on the weekend on a pole in the centre of the refinery pond next to the road

I don't know where this bird breeds or if it is a breeder.
I've never seen two together in the area.

This juvenile moorhen was photographed at the diplomatic wadhi. I have counted over 30 birds here last year.
The whole pond is about quarter of a hectare!!

These Ortolan Buntings took me by surprise. There were four of them in tree!
I expect to see them on the ground.

Cattle egrets enjoying the chicken waste!

As were these turnstones

Even the yellow wagtails find something delectable in the mush


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Before setting up nets at Alba Marsh myself and Jem popped down to the Tubli outfall for an hour as the tide was high. After looking through the waders and egrets I spotted this spotted eagle in the mangrove. The last record for this species was February 2010 (see archive for photo)

A distant shot through the heat haze


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The migration is hotting up now with lots of wheatears, waders and shrikes. Weather is still very humid and hot so getting out is a chore.
Some shots from last weekend at Northern Newtown with Abdulla.

This Hoopoe was trying to keep out of the sun in the rocks!

Wheatears are arriving in good numbers now, this Isabelline was conserving energy in the shade

Socotra cormorants are around the main isalnd in large flocks.


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I arrived back earlier last week to a blistering 46 degrees, having left Dublin airport earlier in the day at 10 degrees. I went out with Jem Babbington and Nicole Provan on Friday to see the usual sites. Waders are coming through in numbers (2,500 - 3,000 at Tubli Bay North) but passerines are scarce yet. The most interetsing birds were a Garganey at Alba Marsh, a Long-legged Buzzard at Ali Farm and a juvenile Lapwing at the Refinery pond. Below are a few pictures of the migrants.

This juvenile lapwing couldn't be far from home!

Wheatears are just starting to arrive now, Isabelline first

A small flock of Little ringed Plover was at Buri Farm

These birds were easily approached but the light level was bad in the afternoon.

The first of the Yellow Wagtails are also arriving

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