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I got out for a few hours yesterday morning before it got too hot. The most interesting bird was a long-legged Buzzard at Ali Farm. It climbed to several hundred meters and then headed due north at 9am.

This was the closest I could get

Typical long-legged buzzard wing pattern from below

This kestrel was also at Ali Farm. Given the severe wear on the wings and tail feathers and the scratch on the right tarsus, I wonder if this individual escaped from captivity?

Western Reef Heron


English (IE)   June shots  -  Categories: Bahrain obs by BK  -  @ 11:53:26 pm

Things are very quiet now with most migrants gone and only a handfull still around. These shots were taken over the past few weeks.

Little and large - Great white egret still at Buhair marsh

Taken in mid-June at Refinery pond

Little tern chick ringed at Buhair east

White-cheeked tern at new colony at Diyar al Muharraq


English (IE)   Dusty Day  -  Categories: Bahrain obs by BK  -  @ 04:18:06 pm

Got out early to a dusty start and got a puncture trying to get close to these little terns. Took these before I fixed the wheel.

Little tern watching chicks

She eventually comes back to the nest

Little tern with newly hatched chicks

Little tern chicks

Ortolan Buntings are still here

Chicks are fast food for the house crows


English (IE)   They're here!!!!  -  Categories: Bahrain obs by BK  -  @ 09:46:48 pm

Didn't catch anything in the nets but the camera performed

Black-eared Wheatear


siberian stonechat


English (IE)   Night Heron  -  Categories: Bahrain obs by BK  -  @ 04:48:48 am

Black-crowned Night Heron

Corn Bunting

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