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A weekend at Borokalalo National Park, North West Province, South Africa - December 2007

During our December break we were able to spend a weekend in a private tented camp with our good friends, the Hutton's, Bath's and Loubser's in Borakalao National Park in North West Province. Borakalalo is the sister reserve to Pilansberg National Park adjacent to Sun City. Images by Mike Pope

One of the main features of the park is Klipvoor Dam and one of the game drives takes you along the edge of the dam, where waterbirds are abundant. Reed and White breasted Cormorants, Little Egrets and Grey Herons are fairly common.

Cormorants and Egret

Cormorants and Heron

Grey Herons patrol the fringes in search of fish and small reptiles. I caught this bird in the fading afternoon sun
Grey Heron

Grey Heron

Black Kites (yellow billed variety) are present for the duration of the summer season and are found around the dam looking for scraps and leftovers from the many fisherman
Black Kite

Pied kingfishers are common along the Moratele River below the dam wall
Pied Kingfisher

One always has to keep your eyes open on an early morning walk - both on the ground and in the bush. This Snout nosed Adder suddenly came to life as I narrowly missed standing on it
Snout nosed Adder

You also have to be careful about giving way to Dung Beetles that use the jeep tracks to roll their food source to a safe place, to lay their eggs on the ball once it is buried
Dung Beetle

After skirting the adder and dung beetles, I found this pair of Red billed Hornbills relaxing on the overhead lines
Red billed Hornbill

A Golden breasted Bunting made a quick stop before heading back to the ground to feed
Golden breasted Bunting

A female Red headed Weaver with some fine nesting material
Female Red headed Weaver

The male Red headed Weaver is striking and one of my favourite birds, here he is awaiting her turn to feed the young in the nest
Male Red headed Weaver

The nest of the Red headed Weaver is very distinctive
Red headed Weaver nest

There were many butterflies on my walks - I used to know them all by name, but now only have the family name - this is one of the Acraes

African Monarch
African Monarch

I think this is a Foxy Charaxes, a powerful and fast flying butterfly

Spotted Joker
Spotted Joker


A Brown veined White?
Brown veined White

Zebra White
Zebra White


Yellow Pansy
Yellow Pansy

Cream coloured Owl is a moth that is attracted to perfume and alcohol - as you can imagine there were a lot of these around our camp
Cream coloured Owl


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