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Christmas in South Africa - December 2007

My family and I had 2-weeks back home to South Africa during December 2007. We were fortunate to be able to look after our good friends Mike and Krista Loubser's house in Beaulieu, just north of Johannesburg whilst they were on holiday. They have a huge indigenous garden with a wonderful rockpool and a lot of natural habitat for birds. Images by Mike Pope

A Cape Wagtail was present most mornings looking for insects in the grass
Cape Wagtail

Laughing Doves in SA appear more plumper and darker than their counterparts in the deserts of Kuwait
Laughing Dove

This male Southern masked Weaver was collecting softer material to line his nest
Southern Masked Weaver

A juvenile Fiscal Shrike just coming into its adult plumage, as it should have an all black crown
Fiscal Shrike

I was surprised to find an eastern race of the Fiscal Shrike this far west, the eastern race is characterised by the white eyebrow
Fiscal Shrike

Fiscal Shrike

Green Woodhoopoes are normally quite comical when sitting in groups swaying backwards and forwards while they are cackling away
Green Woodhoopoe

The call of the Red eyed Dove reminds me of sunsets and sundowners
Red eyed Dove

Red faced Mousebirds love trees with hanging fruits
Red faced Mousebird

Pied Crows are opportunists and will also scavenge if necessary, like this one looks like it has
Pied Crow

I managed to photograph this Amethyst Sunbird in the dying light, the males as always som much more brightly coloured than the females
Amethyst Sunbird

I made a stop at Glen Austin Bird Sanctuary where this Black headed Heron was hunting in the tall grass
Black headed Heron


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