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South Africa (ZA)   Beaulieu, Midrand, South Africa  -  Categories: South Africa  -  @ 05:17:47 pm

The Loubsers Garden, Beaulieu, South Africa - July 2008

I was able to take a short break during the summer to get back to South Africa to visit family and friends. We stayed overnight with our good friends Mike and Krista Loubser and surprisingly I was up early after a party to capture some of the winter birds in their expansive and natural garden. Images by Mike Pope

Aloes generally flower in winter on the highveld and a pair of Black eyed Bulbuls took the opportunity to feed on this plant

Black eyed Bulbul

Three species of Plover were seen in the garden, this is an obliging Crowned Plover

Crowned Plover

The Wattled Plovers were a bit more skittish. In breeding season, the wattles are generally more elongated and pronounced

Wattled Plover

Speckled Pigeons were roosting on the roof of the house, I caught this one as it departed

Speckled Pigeon

Male Cape Sparrows are quite striking birds

Male Cape Sparrow

Sacred Ibis pass overhead from the roosting site

Sacred Ibis

Grey Loeries have a very distinctive call that is one of the sounds of the bush

Grey Loerie

A small group of Cape White-eyes were gleening in this Karee tree

Cape White-eye

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