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Winter birds, Gauteng, South Africa

I escaped the oppresive heat of Kuwait at the end of July and joined by family in South Africa for a well deserved 10-day break in the highveld winter. Images by Mike Pope

In between catching up with family and friends there was little to no time for any local birding. However, one morning and in between taking action shots of my son during his tennis coaching I managed to capture a few local birds in our park inside Kyalami Estates in Midrand. Fiscal Shrike are common all year round and are opportunistic predators

Fiscal Shrike

Grey Loeries have adapted to urban environments where they were not quite as common 10-years back

Grey Loerie

Indian Myna's are found all over South Africa - unfortunately. They can be quite aggressive with other garden birds, often chasing them out of their garden patches

Grey Loerie

The Hadeda Ibis or more affectionately known as the Goliath Sunbird, as it has also habituated urban environments

Hadeda Ibis

A Streaky-headed Seedeater or Canary, dong just as it's name suggests

Streaky-headed Seedeater

Mallards are classified as invasive species and are creating havoc by interbreeding with our indeginous ducks. I believe it is legal to cull them


We spent a morning at the Monte Casino Bird Garden in Fourways and enjoyed the bird show. The show is predominantly designed to create awareness about pollution, protection and conservation of our biodiversity and specifically birds. Local and other birds are used to substantiate the objectives of the show. This juvenile Ground Hornbill is one of the Big 5 birds

Ground Hornbill

One of the more powerful Buzzard species, Jackal Buzzard

Jackal Buzzard

Spotted Eagle Owls can be found in gardens with big trees and palms

Spotted Eagle Owl

The Barn Owl was used to raise some cash for the bird show with children having their pictures taken with the Owl

Jackal Buzzard

This comical Toucan didnt always co-operate


One of the many Scarlet Ibis in the one of the large outdoor avairies

Scarlet Ibis


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