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Timeshare at Ngwenya Lodge, Southern Kruger National Park, Mpumulanga, South Africa - August 2010

After I had returned to Kuwait, my wife Gill, son Jaden and father-in-law Graham spent a few days at Ngwenya Lodge. This is our timeshare located on the banks of the Crocodile River on the southern boundary of the Kruger National Park. Images by Mike Pope

When I returned to Kuwait I brought all my camera kit with me, but left my Canon G9 point and shoot and Sony video for Gill to capture more African images. I was very proud, that Gill was able to firstly identify this as a Barred Owl (not easy for a non-birder) and secondly push the G9 to its zoom limits with both optical and digital zoom at their max.

Barred Owl

Finding and photographing an African Buffalo with the G9 didnt raise a sweat after the camouflaged owl

African Buffalo

Paying attention to all elements of life in the bush, Gill then photographed a Tortoise 'rushing' to cross the road. It's my job to now identify it.



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