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South Africa (ZA)   Silvassa, capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, India  -  Categories: India  -  @ 03:25:31 pm

RAS Resort, Silvassa, Western India - July 2008

During a brief visit to Silvassa I had some time to explore the hotel garden along the banks of the Daman ganga river. Silvassa was very green with an abundance of water as a result of the monsoon season, so only the resident birds are around and there was evidence of some breeding activity. Images by Mike Pope

Driving to Silvassa, the greeness and humidity was almost overwhelming after the hot, dusty summer in the deserts of Kuwait

Silvassa landscape

Cattle Egrets were in breeding plumage and are quite different to those found in Kuwait and South Africa.

Cattle Egret

Male Baya Weavers with their intricate and elongated nests, trying their very best to get the attention of the females

Baya Weaver

Adult and juvenile White browed Wagtails were seen on the banks of the Daman ganga river

Adult White browed Wagtail

Juvenile White browed Wagtail still in the company of the adult (parent?)

Juvenile White browed Wagtail

Indian Robin was seen on each day on the hotel lawns, this male resplendent in its black plumage and rufous vent

Male Indian Robin

Plus a very active juvenile

Juvenile Indian Robin

I heard this White breasted Waterhen calling in the riverine habitat and waited patiently for it to appear

White breasted Waterhen

These Agamas (I think) were also common in the hotel gardens



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