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Kemerburgaz, Istanbul, Turkey - October 2008

My family and I spent a week with our good friends Eddie and Salette de Campos at their home in Kemerburgaz, just outside Istanbul in early October. It was my first visit to Europe in many years, but early winter was not in my favour for birding, as the migrants had already moved on - however, this did not detract from a great holiday exploring and enjoying the cultural riches of Istanbul. Images by Mike Pope

The little birding I did was in the complex gardens in Kemerburgaz where Eddie and Salette live. The most common bird by far were Yellow legged Gulls, that roosted in the complex every night

Yellow legged Gull

Yellow legged Gull

A Yellow legged Gull being harassed by a Hooded Crow. The pale phase of the crow was the most prevalent in this area.

Yellow legged Gull and Hooded Crow

A late leaving Willow Warbler was still present in one of the gardens

Willow Warbler

Jackdaws were seen every day around the village


The only bird of colour and quite difficult to get close to and photograph was this Great Tit

Great Tit

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