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b) Taxon Data Sheets

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The groups worked through the Taxon Data Sheet(TDS) document for each species, to identify and categorise the conservation situation appropriate for each in Arabia and review this against its global status as shown in the various documents available to the group. The final iteration of each TDS and related distribution map is available by folowing the link for each species in the side menu.

Working through the TDSs it became clear that certain themes and issues occurred over and over again for a number of species, (in TDS order)

a. There was only poor quality information available on population trends both nationally and regionally, and this inhibited detailed and valuable discussion.
b. Information on Arabian habitats, habitat change, and habitat losses due to development and agriculture was limited.
c. Although much anecdotal information was presented the degree to which each species is in local or international trade in the Arabian region is very poorly known.
d. There is very few detailed studies of the target species in Arabia.
e. The general lack of detailed research into populations, habitats and life histories in Arabia of the species reviewed hampered discussion.
f. Captive breeding was not identified as a relevant issue for Arabian species at present.
g. There was no clear information available of exactly which species, species groups etc have any degree of protection in the region. This restricted the group’s ability to make recommendations towards legislation.


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