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Sooty Falcon

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Sooty Falcon population: The discrepancy identified between the accepted view of world population and the likely world population suggested from research in Arabia needs to be publicised and brought to the attention of appropriate conservation bodies. The group recommends that urgent efforts are made to identify how the world population of 100,000 birds has been calculated and to alert the IUCN of the discrepancy. This species may actually be endangered rather than ‘least concern’ as currently classified. (Action: Determine origin of published world population of 100,000 birds and report views of group to IUCN/BirdLife as necessary, Michael Jennings)

Sooty Falcon winter range: With only limited investment a great deal could be learnt on the non-breeding range of the Sooty Falcon by fitting some with satellite tracking devices. A few fitted at colonies in Bahrain, Oman, northern Red Sea and Yemen would provide extremely valuable information. This study could be extended to other species and include traditional ringing techniques as appropriate. (Action: Not allocated. It is suggested that Howard King could look into how this could be done for the Bahrain colony, perhaps with the help of Mohammed Shobrak who has knowledge of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea colonies and of satellite tracking technology. )

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