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Project leader, trainer and kit man, general dogs body and bug lure Brendan Kavanagh
Besides recording all the biometrics for each bird ringed each has been photographed extensively using digital cameras.
More images from the project are available by clicking HERE
An updated list (10.09.06) of species ringed is now available by clicking HERE

Egyptian Nightjar

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Egyptian Nightjar

Last evenings ringing session at Badaan Farm was one we initially endured rather than enjoyed - It was an extremely hot and humid, balmy evening with high irritant bug levels, well outside the comfort zone. Large numbers of Red-throated Pipits, Blue-cheeked and European Bee-eaters and various Shrikes sat mockingly on the Electrical wires close by watching our sweaty efforts as we set out four nets in sets of two across the partially harvested fields of tall sorghum grass. One set was placed under some power cables at the side of a track crossing the fields, close against the tall grass but directly under a power line than runs to a near by water pump. The other set close to the end of a harvested section.

Weather apart the catch was fairly light, we re-trapped the Savi’s Warbler (see below) from a previous session and added Great Reed Warbler (see below), Reed Warbler, several White-throats and Isabelline Shrikes to our list before turning our attention to the tape lure as the sun set and the few Swallows and Sand Martins hawking around. The tape attracted a small number of Martins and concentrated a flock of around twenty Swallows, which on this occasion only resulted in four Swallows being trapped. With no real twilight to mention here in the tropics, it was not long before we had taken out the last of the swallows from the net set with the tape lure and, so as usual made a return to our vehicles via the other nets. A last look around that we normally used to collapse the nets or raise them if we were staying late for Nightjars. In the nets under the power lines to our complete surprise was our prime candidate for ringing an Egyptian Nightjar Caprimulgus aegyptius, what’s more in the bottom shelf. The bird had obvious dipped down to avoid the overhead power lines got into the space between the grass and the net and with no where to go the rest is now history.

Egyptian Nightjar

Soon forgotten were the bug bites and the sweat dripping from the end of our noses as we enjoyed our moment of success, ringed and documented the bird.

Egyptian Nightjar


Egyptian Nightjar


Egyptian Nightjar
Egyptian Nightjar
Egyptian Nightjar
Egyptian Nightjar

Photographs by
Juhani Kyyrö
Electronic triple flash array used,


Great Reed Warbler

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Great Reed Warbler

Great Reed Warbler Acrocephalus arundinaceus One of several ringed this last week also at Baadan Farm
We have been able to get out every few days in the afternoons these last few weeks with around 15 birds ringed on each occasion. The number of species also continues to steadily grow having now passed the 50 mark. The weather has not always been kind when its not too hot and humid it's windy and when the wind drops the humidity increases to point that one is soaked to the skin in your own sweat. One gets used to this, however the biting insects are an absolute pain, literally



Savi's Warbler Locustella luscinoides

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The first Savi's Warler Locustella luscinoides recorded in Bahrain since 19th November 1992 (Eric Hirschfeld) was mist netted and ringed at Baadan Farm shortly after sunset on 25th September. Bendan Kavangh and Howard King, a personal first for both of us. The feint hint of white tips to the under tail covets would suggest Ssp fusca - Siberia, Central Asia, Mongolia (Svensson L. Identification Guide to European Passerines). Once Brendan has considered the measurements taken and reviewed both the pictures and literature, this information will be updated.
The evenings ringing at Baadan produced our second Great Reed Warbler, a Weaver (origins unknown) and more Yellow Wagtails, Swallows, Sandmartins and the inevitable Crested Larks.

Photos by Juhani Kyyrö, (Flash used)



Bahrain Ringing Returns

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An updated list of species ringed is now available by clicking here

Since our return from our summer breaks we have had the nets out again this time at Badaan Farm - We have added a few new species Yellow Wagtail and House Martin, but our primary goal Egyptian Nightjar remains elusive - easy to see but nigh on impossible to catch with a mist nest
Egyptian Nightjar
So we are now considering alternative capture techniques, this Juvenile Isabelline Shrike was ringed during our last outing on the 18th September.

Juv Isabelline Shrike

Photos by Juhani Kyyrö


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