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Ringing Project Update

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To view a summary of our first complete season October 05 - October 06 ringing here in Bahrain please view the following file Ringing Returns

Missing from the file are details of the Sooty Falcon chicks ringed on Hawar in October
as We are preparing a paper on the species

One of the benifits of digital photography is illustrated below as Brendan ( ) provides this small insight

Compare the Primary coverts of the two Wryneck below. The most recent one (second pic)was aged as a Juv based on the white tips to the PC. The bird caught in March (first pic)had a suspended or partial moult showing at least 5 Old PCs with the Juvenile white tips still present. Basically the March bird was born last year and the autumn bird was born this year.



© Juhani Kyyrö


Retrapped Hypocolius

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This season first trapped bird 15th November turned out to our surprise to be a retrap, a male bird the fifth trapped last year on the 17th November. It was an adult last year and has returned to the same roost site 12 months later -

Female and Male Grey Hypocolius Hypocolius amphelinus

© Adrian Drummond-Hill Email


Bee-eaters - large sample ringed

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Saturday 4th November - my birthday for those that are interested in sending me a present - I need a new camera, computer, or scope for those with an open buget.

The entire day was spent ringing from 5-30 am to 5-00 pm at Badaan Farm - Weather wise it was far too hot and sticky to make the time pass with ease but we were rewarded with moving our tally of Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters to 24. In handling that number, it was possible to note with some degree of certainty a pattern in the moult strategy for the species, both adult and juvenile. A full paper will be prepared based on these observations.

‘Adult Blue-cheeked Bee-eater showing typical suspended moult'

‘Typical Juvenile Blue-cheeked Bee-eater with no primary or secondary moult'
juvenile wing

This session also gave us our second Wryneck - always good for a laugh when you have them in the hand. You never know what the head is going to do, it seems to be attached with elastic. The colouration of this species is remenisant of the Egyption Nightjar.
my favourite

From a previous afternoon session we bagged (not for the pot) in the dark a single quail from a small flock of four or five

Not so many Chiffchaff or Willow Warblers around these days the main passage having passed


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