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Start of tern season

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Friday we went out to Jarim Reef - on it in the late eighties three man-man islands were put in - two have since become home to thousands of breeding terns each summer - outnumbering all are the Lesser Crested at least 3000 pairs followed by Bridled 500+/- then White-cheeked around 200+/- besides these 15+/- pairs of Western Reef Herons, Kentish Plover and a small number of Saunders's Terns. Each Winter a few pairs of Caspian Terns have been noted as well as a single pair of Ospreys - who have now built a substantial nest - they have yet to successfully rear any young.

We ringed 350 Lesser Crested Tern Chicks and around a dozen White-cheeked Terns - we will revisit the colonies in three weeks when the Bridled and White-cheeked chicks are more numerous.

More pictures under Bahrain Obs.

Lesser-crested Tern

Lesser-crested Tern

the lads who joined in - the back of the boat
the boys

Khalifa who sat in the front with me

Brendan having a recce


If he can do it so can I



Latest Statistics

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May saw the end of our spring Season - Brendan was away - the weather was lousy we had 15 days of dust and wind - now we have Hot and Humid 40c plus plus everyday and humidities that reach 98% - birding here can be tough - its certainly not for the feint hearted
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