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Jarrim Trip 2 2009

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On Saturday last we took our second trip to Al Jarrim islands to ring bridled terns. The team comprised Ali, the Boat man, his friend Bassam, Douglas McGarvey, a new ringing recruit and myself. It was the first outing for Douglas who responded very well to some on the hoof training. Himself and Ali plucked 76 chicks from the thorns. Ali did the plucking and Doug did the ringing!
Bassam took over as photographer and parttime plucker with me. We managed to ring 67 birds. The photographs below were taken by Bassam.

Doug getting a crash course in fitting C2 rings


The numbers of chicks are up this year compared to last year confirming the estimate of breeding pairs on the 1st visit in June this year.
Bridled tern chick
Bridled tern chick

Ali and Doug busy at work

Ali and Doug team

Ali and doug
Ali has been with us for three years now and is a key part of the operation. No bush is too big or too thorny for him!



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