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Catch of the day

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This afternoon turned out to be a red letter day with the capture and ringing of a Sociable Lapwing. This is an endangered species and very little is known of their migration route in autumn. We saw 3 birds in Bahrain last autumn and now two juveniles this year so far. A ringed bird could shed light on the species movements.For more information on the Birdlife International Conservation Project go to

Sociable Plover
This is a juvenile bird on its maiden voyage south
Sociable Plover
The wing pattern is very distinctive.



Some good birds

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Brendan continues his ringing classes - all ladies today. Eleven species and twenty birds and what crackers they turned out to be. A Reed Bunting was the catch of the day, only our 5th record and the first since 1989. But for novelty value the Pin Tailed Wydah and Red Avadavat have to take the honours. The day was finished off with a Quail. More photos to come.

Reed Bunting
Reed Bunting

Red Avadavat
Red Avadavat



Wader ringing

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With 5-6,000 waders roosting on the open ground at the northern end of Tubli Bay, ringing looked promising. Last week we tried a net for the first time. Being conservative to begin with we put up one 2 shelf 40 ft net and caught 12 birds. The second night we put up 2 4 shelf nets and caught 25 birds. The site looks really promising for the rest of the winter.
We also had two new helpers who were bitten by the bug! We may well have three new trainees at last, which bodes well for the future.

Nada and Thamir enjoying the occasion.

Terek Sandpiper, a new ringing tick for me!.


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