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Pied Wagtail from Russia

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After ringing almost 9,400 birds in Bahrain since 2006, a passerine recovery has finally emerged. I always knew it would be a good one! A Pied Wagtail ringed in the Chicken Farm last November has been recovered in the Russian Federation! I wouldn't mind but we have only ringed a couple of Pied Wagtails. It took 180 days from ringing to recovery and the distance is measured in a straight line at 3,608 Km. The bird was found dead!


More migrants

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I rang Abdulla yesterday afternoon and he was on his way to Durrat Al Bahrain site so I joined him. He already had the single net up when I got there and two bird bags hanging up with migrants inside. Once again the site delivered, this time 7 birds including 3 Lesser Whitethroats, 1 Garden Warbler, 1 Chiffchaff, 1 Whitethroat and 1 Thrush Nightingale. These are the first autumn catches for Garden Warbler and Thrush Nightingale.

Thrush Nightingale is probably more comon than Nightingale in Bahrain

If you take a bird out of the net and ask 'What's this', it must be a garden Warbler!!

This is the 2nd Chiffchaff this autumn. Still no Willows.

And another Lesser Whitethroat!



New site still producing

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The ringing team went down to Durrat Al Bahrain site on Friday and once again a few nice birds were caught including another Orphean Warbler, a Spotted Flycatcher, an Isabelline Shrike and 2 Menetries Warblers.

Both Menetries warblers were adult!

Interesting white feathers on this juvenile Spotted Flycatcher

Juvenile Isabelline Shrike. And nobody was hurt in the taking of this photograph!!



New site down south

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Abdulla discovered a new site with water and a few tamerisk trees down south near Ras Al Bar so we popped down this afternoon to see what was about. It is a small site with only a few birds at any one time but with no other trees or bushes within sight it is a real magnet for whatever is in the locality. Today we caught 6 birds, 2 orphean warblers, 1 juvenile barred warbler, 1 red-backed shrike, 1 lesser whitethroat and 1 olivaceous warbler. A nice variety for a couple of hours netting with just 1 18m net.

Adult male Orphean warbler

1st year Orphean warbler for comparison

Both birds together

1st year Barred warbler

1st year red-backed shrike

1st year Olivaceous warbler

1st year Lesser Whitethroat



Orphean Warbler

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Abdulla discovered a new site with water and a few tamerisk trees down south near Ras Al Bar so we popped down for a look today and put up one 12 Meter net. We only got 4 birds but an Orphean Warbler was the star. The last birds ringed were in March 2008 in Badaan Farm so this is a special record. A new ringing species for Abdulla also!The four birds were 1 Orphean warbler, 1 Olivaceous warbler and 2 Whitethroat.

1st year Orphean warbler

1st year bird with primaries and secondaries in good condition

1st year Whitethroat


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