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Pipits are here for the winter

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With the passage migration virtually over we are now turning our attention towards winter visitors. This weekend we set up nets and tape lures for pipits both in the Chicken farm and Ali farm. It is early days and the birds are still not settled on specific roost sites but we did manage to catch over 20 birds including water pipit, tree pipit (which came to the call) and tawny pipit.

Tree pipit which came to tree pipit call as suggested by Dave Andrews, a visiting ringer from UK.

Note the ring on this Isabelline Wheatear!.



The lull before the storm

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The wind was slack on Friday afternoon so myself and Abdulla put up a few nets for swallows. In addition to 13 swallows we caught 4 water pipits, a prinia, a wheatear (in a trap), a pied wagtail and a wydah. We still haven't worked out the exact roosting location for the pipits but we are gradually homing in.

Juvenile male wydah

Juvenile pied wagtail. Probably from northern Russia!!

Water Pipit

Graceful Prinia.



Another Grey Shrike

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While ringing at the chicken farm on Friday, Abdulla caught another grey shrike. This one was really big and very grey in colour. Note the amount of white in the secondaries. This is a steppe grey shrike.
Photographs taken by Jem Babbington.

Juvenile Southern/Steppe Grey Shrike

Note the amount of white on the inner web of the secondaries.



An interesting retrap

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On Friday 16th last I was away and Abdulla and Jem put up a few nets in Ali Farm. The catch was slow but one retrap Isabelline Shrike proved interesting. When it was trapped Abdulla assumed I must have caught it earlier this year but on checking the records it was a bird first caught two years earlier in the same farm. This obviously meant it was not a juvenile but an adult and therefore a female. What is even more interesting is that it must be a regular winter visitor as the likelyhood of catching a bird twice on migration in the same farm is so remote as to be nigh impossible.
It's amazing how one bird can contribute so much to our lack of knowledge! Photographs taken by Jem.

Adult Female Isabelline Shrike

Adult Female note the barring on the chest and flanks.


Adult Female, note the tail and rump pattern




Migrants still passing through

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On Friday afternoon Jem and I went down the Durrat al Bahrain site as the wind had died down. There were about a dozen birds about and our first net round yielded 6 birds, followed by three more on the second round. Thre species were caught including 5 Lesser Whitethroat (4 minula!), two Blackcaps and two Willow warblers. Three new species for Jem! The small number of birds makes it a perfect training site, allowing time to examine and discuss each bird in turn. Real quality ringing!Photographs take by Jem.

Adult Male Blackcap

Adult Female Blackcap


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