Ringing continues

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Abdulla has been busy of late managing to ring some interesting birds


Grey Wagtail





Hypocolius tagging

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With so many Hypocolius around this year Abdulla has been out chasing them - so far he has ringed 26 making a substantial increase in number of the species thus far ringed




Abdulla takes aver Ringing Project

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With the departure of Brendan back to Ireland Abdulla has taken over the ringing project.



Ringed Gull Recovery - PVPS

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Ring recovery PVPS
Ring recovery

30th October 2012 Found on beach at Busaiteen, Muharraq Island, Bahrain at 08:50 local time (+3Hrs GMT) at location 26°15'47.92"N 50°35'17.82"E

Looking like a 2plus Heuglini Gull however was ringed in a colony of Caspian Gulls at Selitba lake, Penza oblast, Russia, ringed as a chick in 2011

Grzegorz Neubauer
Ornithological Station
Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS
Nadwislanska 108, 80-680 Gdansk, Poland
e-mail: grechuta@miiz.waw.pl

rings: MOSKWA C-525106, plastic yellow PVSP
species: Larus cachinnans group
age: nestling
date: 18.06.2011
place: Selitba Lake, Penza oblast, Russia, central point of the lake: 53°10'11.04"N, 46°50'9.84"E
Ringer: Larisa Plusnina et al.
This is the first recovery of this individual, and the third we got from this colony. Previous were from Israel and Poland.
The bird being ringed as a Chick - a rather big one at that
Gull chick



Marsh Harrier Ringed

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Abdulla and I were at Hamalah experimental farm I was watching the birds, he was ringing Swallows using a tape lure on one occassion as he went to recovery some birds from the net up popped this Marsh Harrier attracted to the area by the tape lure. In no time at all we had baited a trap caught, ringed and released the individual; a first for the ringing project which with the departure of Brendan back to Ireland is now continued by Abdulla.

Marsh Harrier
marsh harrier

marsh harrier

marsh harrier

marsh harrier

marsh harrier
marsh harrier


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