Another Tern Recovery

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Professor B Kavanagh

05 October 2012

Dear Brendan

Here are the details of a recovery of one of your birds.

Species: Lesser Crested Tern Sterna bengalensis Scheme: GBT Ring no: DE64753

Ringing details
Age: 1 Sex: unknown Sex meth: - P.ringed: - P.alive: - Condition: -
Colour marks added: - Metal marks added: - Act1: - Act2: -

Ringing date: 22-Jun-2012
Reg code: --- Place code: SJARIM Site name: Al Jarim Island South, near Bahrain, Bahrain & Qatar
County code: AZ00 Grid ref: ------ Co-ords: 26deg 23min N 50deg 28min E
Hab1: J1 Hab2: --

Biometrics: Wing: -- mm. Weight: -- g. Time: --hrs


Ringer: B Kavanagh, 4736
Finding details
Ring not verified Age: - Sex: - Sex meth: -
Colour marks added: - Metal marks added: - Act1: - Act2:

Finding date: 10-Sep-2012
Reg code: --- Place code: --- Site name: Gholvad, Maharshtra, Maharashtra, India
County code: INBO Grid ref: Co-ords: 20deg 5min N 72deg 43min E
Hab1: -- Hab2:

Biometrics: Wing: -- mm. Weight: -- g. Time: --hrs

Finding condition: 1:01 Movement: WA
Dead Bird Found
Remarks: On tideline

Duration: 80 days Distance: 2376 km Direction: 108deg (ESE)
Finder: Divyesh Desai, 401702, India, e: joamondev@gmail.com

Reference 25092012WEB

BTO, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 2PU. Tel 01842 750050 e: recoveries@bto.org w: www.bto.org/ringing
Registered Charity No 216652 (England & Wales, SC039193 (Scotland) Registered in England and Wales No 357284


Tern Ringing on Al Jarim

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Summer Tern Ringing on Al Jarim



Summer ringing

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The migration season ended with a bang going from feast to famine overnight. We now turn our attention to summer breeding species including terns, Kentish Plovers and Bushchats. What a surprise I got yesterday when I went to the Refinery Wadi and saw a pair of breeding Little Ringed Plovers with two chicks! I immediately alerted Howard and arranged to return with Abdulla in the afternoon to ring the chicks. This is a first breeding record for Little Ringed Plover in Bahrain and it was really nice to ring the two chicks to boot.

Adult Little Ringed Plover at Refinery Wadi

Littel Ringed Plover chick before ringing

Two chicks in the hand after ringing
We also caught a nightjar west of Alba in the trees Abdulla has been ringing at for the past year.

This bird was oiled around the head and chest so we cleaned it up before release

A recently hatched Grey Francolin was also caught next to the net. It was far to small to ring but made a nice photograph




Alba Marsh continues to produce birds

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We have continued to ring most weekends at Alba Marsh and some interesting birds keep turning up. The best bird to date was a retrap of a clamorous reed warbler ringed in Qatar (90 km away) and breeding in the marsh. The best new species however was a spotted crake ringed by myself just recently.


Spotted Crake


Isabelline Shrikes are coming through on mass at the moment.



Busy time for migration

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I have been away and also very busy since my return but Abdulla has been ringing almost daily. His favourite spot is a tiny copse of bushes in the desert west of Alba which seems to be a magnet for migrants. The area is no more than quarter of an acre with about 10 trees each no more than 10 feet tall. The centre has a perfect net ride for a 60 foot net. He rings me each day with the latest catch numbers. This tiny site has yielded over 300 birds over the past two spring seasons! Below are two shots of interesting catches.


This double of White-throated robins was interesting, the male on the left being totally washed out compared to the one on the right. This year has been a great season for White-throated robins. We have caught 11 over the past few weeks.

A hand full of Scops Owls is a sight to see and a challenge to hold! Three in one evening must be a record!


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