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- the red one ; Euplectes franciscana / Northern Red Bishop.
- the yellow bird ; Euplectes afer / Yellow-Crowned Bishop.


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Dagelijks vogelsringen van 06.00 tot 13.00 u. in de periode 20 juni/20 november.
Ringplaats;Prov.Domein Broek Denaeyer, 51.04N-04.22E, Willebroek, Antwerpen, België
KBIN - Ringers ID : 1395


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Hi Howard,

According to "Caged & amp; Aviary birds" by D. Alderton, (Anness Publishing Ltd 2003) the upper bird is Red Bishop, Euplectes orix male in breeding plumage. The second yellow bird is not in that book. The black cap of your bird matches the one in this book, also with red throat. In the book entitled "Birds of Africa" by Ian Sinclair & Peter Ryan (Struik Publishers 2003)there are two Red Bishops, Northern Red Bishop, Euplectes franciscanus and Southern Red Bishop, Euplectes orix. Your bird matches the Northern Red Bishop, Euplectes franciscanus as you said in your email because of extensive black on crown and red throat. Southern Red Bishop, Euplectes orix has the black on head doesn't extend beyond the forehead and the throat being black. Probably the "Caged & Aviary birds" is following an old taxonomy (before split!).

The Second bird is probably a hybrid between a Red Bishop and another bird.

Abdulrahman Al-Sirhan

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Dear Howard.

Greetings from sunny Dubai!

The yellow weaver-type bird is a Yellow-crowned Bishop Euplectes afer of the nominate, western subspecies. We have a flock of them present at Dubai Pivot Fields - as well as a Southern Red Bishop.

For a photo of the UAE birds, check out the UAE Birding Website on

Under Photos - scroll to the bottom of the species list to Category E

Greetings to the big-lensed Finnish chap from a more moderately-lensed

Tommy Pedersen
UAE Bird Recorder




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Does anybody recognise these chaps Photos by
Juhani Kyyrö,
Red nile Bishop
yellow bishop sp??

Juhani Kyyrö |
| Mobile (Bahrain) +973-3669-9358 |
| Skype kyyroju |
|, |


Race Course Lake

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Breeding - Saunders's/Little Terns, Kentish Plover, Black Winged Stilts.

Observations - 3 Little Egret, 9 Western Reef Heron (8 white 1 dark morph), Grey Heron, 1 PORCHARD, 4 Barn Swallow, 1 White-winged Tern, 1 Wood Sandpiper


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