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Migration begins to heat up

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Friday was a no go as I had a lot of work to catch up on -but on Saturday spent a lot of time watching wheatears at Busaiteen - most turned out to be either Pied or Isabelline but all had to be checked -

Pied Wheatear
Pied Wheatear

Pied Wheatear

Pied Wheatear

Pied Wheatear

Isabelline Wheatear
Isabelline Wheatear

Not many Socotra cormorants left most have departed for Hawar and the breeding grounds but this one allowed a close approach
Socotra Cormorant
Socotra Cormorant

Socotra Cormorant



it remains quiet -

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Friday - had a problem with the car so couldn't go very far - today spent most of my time in and around gardens looking for warblers and stuff - not a great deal but did manage to see several White-throats some Reed and Olivacous Warblers - Yellow Wagtails, Hoopoe, Shrikes and Isabelline Wheatears remain fairly numerous.


Collared Pratincole
Collared Pratincole

Collared Pratincole

Collared Pratincole



still hot but things moving slowly through

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I started early this morning hoping to catch the Eagle at Tubli but no sign of the bird - just a Squacco Heron sunning itself in the early morning rays caught my eye

Squacco Heron
Squacco Heron

After a searching around the edge of Tubli I headed to the Chicken farm at Hamalah lots of Shrikes around and small stuff popping in and out of the grass -

Ortolan Bunting - just after a shower in a sprinkler
Ortolan Bunting

Out with his new family this Red Bishop was hard to miss
Red Bishop

Namaqua Dove small parties were found all around in the smi desert rough stuff
Namaqua Dove

Spotted Flycatcher - the first of the season
Spotted Flycatcher

Grey Shrike one of many on the sprinklers
Grey Shrike

Isabelline Shrikes moving in for the winter
Isabelline Shrike

Isabelline Shrike

Isabelline Wheatear can't be long before other species start tuning up
Isabelline Wheatear

Hoopoe one of three found under one tree

Cattle Egret with a skink for breakfast
Cattle Egret

Another Masked Shrike and what I think were Tree Pipits eluded me as as soon as I turned the camera in their direction - not as many yellow wagtails here as Buri yesterday but they are difficult to approach so I didn't chase any down.



a slow morning but enjoyable a casual afternoon

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The Bird of the day had to be this Spotted Eagle that had plonked itself down into the middle the Tubli Bay Mangroves at the sewage outfall - with my 500mm lens out of commission the best I could get was this record shot - This is an exceptional record - The first for several years but also so early in the season for the species

Spotted Eagle
Spotted Eagle

Day of the Wagtails - at Buri Farm with hundreds of birds while in the tree it was Rufus Bush-chats
Even at Ras Jubar swamp at Askar later numerous wagtails were found to be roosting

Yellow Wagtail Buri
Yellow Wagtail

Yellow Wagtail

Rufus Bush-chat
Rufus Bush-chat

Juvenile Night Heron was the only photographed bird at Adhari ditches
Juvenile Night heron

and at the Refinery pond besides a glimpse of a Little Grebe I had to make do with poor views of a Grey and a very distant Red-backed Shrike

Grey Shrike - Juvenile
grey shrike

Red-backed Shrike
Red-backed Shrike


Hot and humid

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Had an opportunity to fit a few hours in yesterday afternoon at Busaiteen before duty at the airport called me away - plenty of waders on the shore but it was nice to see a few Socotra Cormorants around that haven't yet disappeared to breeding grounds on Hawar
Socotra Cormorant last years bird
Socotra Cormorant
Adult - note the long toe used in scrapping out its nest
Socotra Cormorant
As is usual at for this time of the year small flocks of Short-toed larks can be found congregating in many open areas
Short-toed Lark


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