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Migration still slow with few birds

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For what ever reason be it weather or something more sinister this years the migration can only be described as disappointing - having looked at every possible habitat and at vary times of the day I can only state - so few birds, so few species.

Black-winged Stilt I found a pair with two chicks wandering in the road behind Adhari Park making one hell of a racket - the reason one chick was too small to mount the kerb - a quick helping hand from me soon enabled the family to finish their early morning stroll

Black-winged Stilt

Chick Black-winged Stilt
Chick Black-winged Stilt

Displaying Crested Lark
Crested Lark

Graceful Warbler
Graceful Warbler

Isabelline Shrike
Isabelline Shrike

Isabelline Shrike Same individual in flight
Isabelline Shrike

Rufous Bushchat declaring his territory singing from the top of tree
Rufous Bushchat

A ringed individual evidence that birds return year in year out to the same locations
Rufous Bushchat

Spotted Flycatcher - 4 seen this weekend
Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher

On the Shore
Western Reef Heron dark morph in full breeding plumage
Western Reef Heron

LEFT TO RIGHT Lesser Sand Plover, Turnstone, Terek Sand Piper


Grey Plover
Grey Plover

Turnstone lands in the early morning light

Slender-biller Gull
Slender-biller Gull

Little Terns stretches its wings with a Saunders's Tern in the foreground
Little Terns

Fishing Little Tern
Little Tern

Lesser Sand Plover
Lesser Sand Plover

Kentish Plover
Kentish Plover

Terek Sandpiper strolls past some Dunlin
Terek and Dunlin



Migration pattern not following the book

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After a forced absence due to a lack of photos to display online down to a problem with my camera we still have continued to bird, recording often little more than a trickle rather than a flood. Many Species arrivals were not as expected, some we haven't seen while others have occurred in larger numbers only to disappear almost immediately. Yellow wagtails for instant normally come in waves, sub species by sub species but this year they appeared two weeks ago and have not been seen since. Spotted Flycatchers are normally numerous yet this year I have seen only one. Rock Thrush are annually hard to find but this year I had eight on the Jebel Dakan all in one spot. Shrikes other than Isabelline are scarce, Wheatear definitely fewer in number as is the case with Bee-eaters. So overall its been a strange few weeks.

Missed with no camera was a great observation of Red Wattled Plover at Hamalah seen close up and an Egyptian Nightjar on the ground in daylight from ten feerr on the 5th

Little Bittern at least three pairs in residence at Adhari
Little Bittern

Little Bittern

Egrets and Herons - continue to thrive with at least two Great White and a same number of Purple Herons to be found just at Adhari ditches and pools
Egrets and Herons

Moorhen are thriving - numbers seem to increase every year

Another breeding species on the up - Squacco Heron
Squacco Heron

Temmincks Stint a solitary bird seen
Temmicks Stint

Common Sandpiper smaller numbers than usual
Common Sandpiper

Tree Pipit good numbers and staying for much longer
Tree Pipit

Willow Warbler a steady flow
Willow Warbler

Willow Warbler

Yellow Wagtail good numbers two weeks back then - only the occasional bird
Yellow Wagtail

Wyneck they continue to be seen

Woodchat Shrike only the forth this year
Woodchat Shrike

Isabelline Shrike so many I have lost count
Isabelline Shrike

Upcher Warbler one seen
Upcher Warbler

Sparrow Hawk
Sparrow Hawk

Rufous Bushchat started arriving two weeks ago now everywhere
Rufous BushChat

Rock Thrush turning up everywhere - here at Hamalah
Rock Thrush

Red-throated Pipit One species that has bucked the trend and remained numerous
Red-throated Pipit

Red-throated Pipit

Pied Wheatear good numbers but still down
Pied Wheatear

Northern Wheatear a few and then only at Hamalah
Northern Wheatear

Ortolan Bunting starting to arrive hopeful signs
Ortolan Bunting

Black Redstart a few both male and female
Black Redstart

Marsh Harrier one distant sighting
Marsh Harrier

Barred Warbler just one so far
Barred Warbler


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